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Oakdale Community Centre is run by a local voluntary Management Committee whose powers and composition are set down in its constitution. This allows the Committee to make terms and conditions for the use of the Centre, or to withdraw or change them. You can get a copy of the constitution from the Secretary.

In these Terms and Conditions, ‘we’ means the Management Committee or one of its officers; ‘the hirer’ means the person who signed the Hiring Agreement; and ‘you’ means the hirer, person in charge, or any user of the Centre during your booking.

1. Use of the Centre
Use of the Centre and its facilities is subject to the following terms and conditions which form part of the Hiring Agreement. You must make sure that everyone using the Centre during your booking keeps to them.

2. Equal Opportunities
The Centre shall be open to all members of the community regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, age, disability, religious or political beliefs or marital status.

3. Applying to Use the Centre
a) You must apply to the Treasurer of the Management Committee to use the Centre and, if requested, pay a deposit to secure your booking. We will normally only refund this deposit if we have to cancel the booking in line with 3c below. You must pay the balance of hire fees at least two weeks before the hire date, or as otherwise agreed. If you wish to cancel or change the booking and we cannot offer a suitable replacement date, we may, at our discretion, refund part or all of the fees.

b) We may refuse any application, provided that such action is reported to our next meeting, if we think use by a particular organisation or individual presents a risk of public disorder or of alienating the Centre’s beneficiaries or supporters.

c) We reserve the right to cancel bookings when the Centre may be needed as part of the Local Authority’s Emergency Plan or for use as a Polling Station.

d) Regular user groups shall normally (but not exclusively) have priority of use but we will try to meet anyone else’s request for a booking.

e) You must tell us if you wish to use any of our additional equipment (such as audio-visual) when you book.

4. Hours of Opening
The Centre is normally available for hire between 9 am and 10 pm. You may, of course, apply to us to extend these times.

5. Maximum Capacity
The Centre has a capacity of:
Main Hall - 84 seated or 100 standing;
Lower Hall - 60 seated or standing.
This includes everyone in the Hall, and you must not exceed these figures.

6. Safety Requirements
If you have a licence for your use of the Centre, you must strictly keep to the conditions of that licence. You must not do anything unlawful or that will endanger the Centre, its users, or the policies of insurance for the Centre and its contents.

In particular:
a) You must not block gangways or exits, which must always be freely available;
b) You must leave the emergency lighting supply on when you are in the Centre, and it must light all exit routes;
c) You must not move any fire-fighting equipment and only use it for its intended purpose;
d) If there is a fire, you must call the Fire Service, and immediately tell the Caretaker about the incident;
e) You must not hold performances that involve danger to the public;
f) You must not bring in, or use, any highly flammable substances, in the Centre. You must not put up any internal decorations of a combustible nature (for example, polystyrene, cotton, and so on), without our permission;
g) You must not use unauthorised heating appliances in the Centre;
h) You must enter details of any accident that happens during the hiring in the accident book provided and must tell the Caretaker of any accident or injury that happens in the Centre;
j) Any electrical equipment brought into the Centre must abide by the Electricity at Work Regulations, 1989. We disclaim all responsibility for any claims and costs resulting from your use of equipment that does not meet these regulations.

7. Insurance and Damage You are responsible for making arrangements to insure against claims by anyone else which may result from your use of the Centre. You must pay the Centre or Caerphilly County Borough Council for the full cost of repair of any damage done to any part of the Centre including its boundary fencing or its contents during, or as a result of, your booking. We may ask to see such cover before we agree your booking.

8. Supervision
You, or the person in charge of an activity, must be 18 years of age or older and must be in the Centre for the entire period of hire, or duration of the activity. During this time you are responsible for supervision of the Centre, protection of its fabric and contents, keeping it safe from damage or change of any sort, and the behaviour of everyone using the Centre. You must not do anything that prevents you from exercising general supervision. Everyone in charge or on duty must be aware of the procedure for evacuation of the Centre and be familiar with the fire-fighting equipment available.

9. Activities which may need a licence
If your activity needs a licence, you must get one from the appropriate authority and make sure that you keep to all the rules set down by those authorities for use of the Centre.

9.1 Intoxicating Liquor
You must not bring, sell or drink any intoxicating liquors in the Centre without our permission, and you must get that permission before you apply for any licence or notice for the sale of alcoholic liquor.

9.2 Betting, Gaming and Lotteries
You must not do anything in the Centre which is against the laws on betting, gaming and lotteries, and you must make sure that you strictly keep to the requirements of the relevant law.

9.3 Temporary Event Notices
You must tell us if you intend to apply for, or use the Centre for any purpose that will require a Temporary Event Notice.

9.4 Recorded Music Licence
If you use recorded music in the Centre, you must check if you need a licence from Phonographic Performances Ltd (PPL) and, if so, you must get one.

10. Storage
We provide storage for regular user groups, but you must not use it for dangerous or hazardous materials. You must ask us if you want to leave or store anything else in the Centre, except that we may agree to the overnight storage of goods and equipment brought to the Centre for a particular function at your risk. Note; Our insurance covers only our property.

11. Loss of Property
We cannot accept responsibility for, damage to, or the loss or theft of, your property.

12. Car Parking
You must not block access to the Centre or any nearby properties with any vehicle. There is parking in York Avenue, opposite the front entrance, and behind the Centre.

13. Nuisance
a) You must not leave litter in or around the Centre.
b) You must not bring dogs into the Centre, except for trained guide-dogs for the blind.
c) You must make sure that the noise level of your function does not interfere with other activities in the Centre nor inconvenience the occupiers of nearby properties.

14. Cleaning and Security
You must return furniture and equipment to their original position, and secure doors and windows before you leave. You must leave the Centre and surrounds in a clean and tidy condition.

15. Smoking
It is against the law to smoke in the Centre.

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